Zohar BodyMind Wisdom

An invitation to follow a path with a heart; a call for awakening and healing

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The Zohar Path offers body-centered and heart-centered wisdom work.


My work is focused on deep listening to the body as a sacred vehicle of the Divine Feminine within and an in-depth discovery of the Being that you are.

The exploration of the BodyMind union begins the healing process, and the move towards living consciously in the present.

The vision for the future is taking responsibility for the next step in your evolution. As we heal our relationships with all life we create Heart Community, partner with the earth and celebrate life.


Our Place 


Olive Oasis in Nestled in the tranquil nature of the Catskill Park in upstate New York. Its peaceful space offers small groups retreats and workshops. One is invited to rest, explore, learn and create.

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Women’s Spirituality

It is our role as women of the 21st century to awaken and embody Her, the Sacred Feminine, the Divine Self dwelling within our body, mind, emotion and spirit. It is the time to go on a vision quest together in dreamtime to dream the dream of the Sacred Feminine.

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Group Work: Building Bridges


Our mission is to create collaborative works that weave creativity, healing and spirituality in a blend of offering to delight, learn and grow together. Shamans,yoga teachers, musicians, artists, meditation practitioners and healers are invited to share their work, offer retreats and workshops, collaborate and create together. The events in the Sanctuary of the Heart and the Earth Temple are unique blends of offering that enhanced by the serene nature and our commitment to create a heart and earth centered community.


Individual Session
Spiritual Counseling
and BodyWork

Individual sessions are tailored for the individual needs and build upon more than three decades of deep study of energy healing, shamanic energy medicine and bodywork. It weaves together the Rosen Method of emotional release, Functional Integration of the Feldenkrais method, Diamond Light Reiki and shamanic energy medicine.


Articles & Media


An open forum for transmission of wisdom writing from different tradition and expressions, including Dina’s personal blog and poetry embroidered with the writing of others.

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Shamanic Journeys
Rainbow Connections

Soul Journeys to walk and experience the sacredness of the Earth Mother, to offer our reverence and receive Her energy in power spots, sacred gardens, ancient powerful healing places. To touch and be touched by indigenous communities and in the process raise our consciousness and share our gifts.


About Dina 


Dina Kushnir is a Shaman, healer educator and visionary artist. She combines her artistic expression with her intense interest in wisdom teachings and spirituality.

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