Shamanic Journeys

Soul Journeys to walk and experience the sacredness of the Earth Mother, to offer our reverence and receive Her energy in power spots, sacred gardens, ancient powerful healing places. To touch and be touched by indigenous communities and in the process we raise our consciousness and share our gifts.

Harvesting The Energetic Tides of the Cosmos In Tepotzlan Mexico

Shamanic Journey & Rainbow Connection Ceremony

With Dina Kushnir and Marvin Surkin
Spring Equinox March 10-18, 2019


Rainbow Connections

My latest offering that takes us to sacred gardens and healing centers connecting with other Earth keepers and stewards of lands to bring them under the Divine Mother Diamond Light Land Initiation. The ceremony is done by making a rainbow light connection throughout the land from garden to garden and from healing center to healing center as we ground the light through our bodies to Mother Earth and back again to each other. It is a guided ceremony and by invitation only. The intention is to create a rainbow colors grid in the center of

Mother Earth that is connected through our body to the higher grid around the planet. The two grids are connected through our consciousness and our bodies. Mother Earth consciousness is the lower grid, which is the Sacred Feminine Earth grid; the higher grid is the Masculine Father Heaven grid. The two grids connect through intention in the ceremony. Both grids are the templates of our evolution. As both The Divine Mother template and the Divine Father template are connected and in unity the birth of the “holy child” the new “unity consciousness” is activated. The year 2019 is of the holy trinity. This ceremony is part of a series of ceremonies to bring the union of the holy trinity into completion.

We will be doing this ceremony in Mexico in few sacred sites.