Path of the Priestess

She who creates a dream worth living.

In a time of great upheaval a new vision has to be birthed, a dream of a new reality out of fragmentations, confusions and distractions. We women are called now to become the leaders of our world and to co create with the highest aspiration, wisdom and compassion.  Let us gather the fragments and weave a tapestry of our collective Hearts' Vision. Let us weave back the Sacred Feminine and follow Her fierce guidance.

Dreaming the Divine Feminine

Join Heart and Earth centered sisterhood as you embark on a healing journey to reconnect, awake and balance the seven energetic centers in your body. Those are gateways to connect you to the Divine Feminine.   This is a journey back to you back into the mystery of the Sacred Feminine that resides in you. She is the mystery of Nature and the Infinite Intelligence behind it. She is the One Life and One Being Who Dwells within each of us as Divine Source. Path of the Priestess is your promise to come back home.


Join a sisterhood of dreamers, visionaries and spiritual seekers on the path of mending and weaving to create the tapestry of a dream worth living.

· Weave your story back in the tapestry of Her-story, the feminine story

· Weave your gifts in the tapestry of offerings, together making powerful impact

· Weave your personal vision into the collective Sacred Feminine Vision

· Weave Sacred Space back into your life and create shared holy moments

The seven intentions on the Path:

· Ground your body with the energy of Nature and the Earth

· Feel your power and fire the passion to create in your belly

· Release mental clutter and focus with pure intent in your solar plexus

· Live in the sacred union of your heart

· Speak with your true voice

· Open your third eye and rest in its knowing  

· Connect to sacred space at the top of your head


This is the journey for women to return to sacred time and sacred space. Return home to your wisdom body heart and womb. It is your time to dance and emerge from the cocoon of conditioning and habitual patterns, to heal the wounded womb and birth the sacred feminine, a priestess who usher the new times, the shift into the Divine Feminine consciousness of love, unity and community.

If you hear the calling it is your time to bloom and fulfill your destiny to dance into the creative Life expression that is YOU!!

About the Retreats

Path of the priestess are five weekends a year from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon from October to June in Olive Oasis and the Earth Temple in the Catskill Mountain NY.

In a safe and nurturing space with a support of sisterhood we invoke the Divine Mother to be our guide. We take a journey into our energy body, through the Seven Chakras to unveil our body spiritual nature.

We use the creative process of nature, movement, art, meditations, journeying, imagery, sharing, process work, ritual, ceremonies and the creative unfolding moment by moment.

Space is limited to 12 women


Poem to you!

You, the holder of sacred space
The healer of the wounded womb,
The energy emerging from source,
Calling your name

You who ate from the apple
In the garden and gained the wisdom
Of nakedness, seduction
Betrayal and shame  

Return again to the garden
To the spring of your youth
To the booming flowers of your days
To the sweet nectar of your nights

Return again to the spiral dance
To the power of the earth
To serpent wisdom
Flowing in your veins

Return again to the sacred womb
To the power of the jaguar
To wisdom of darkness
Invisibility and death

Return again to your ancestors
To ancient memories
To your heart destiny and innocence
The vision of grace and gratitude,
Return Again to your Garden



Wisdom Circle

New Moon Wisdom Circles

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. Gathering in alignment with the moon phases, these circles of women would offer ritual and ceremony to nurture, inspire, reflect and heal while acknowledging the wisdom of the feminine.

Join us for a night to sit in circle, take some time away from the busyness of life, to nurture and honor yourself in a myriad of ways lovingly prepared for you.

Over herbal tea, we will hold space for the full spectrum of human experience. With the new moon comes the opportunity to clarify our intentions for the month to come. The evening is designed to allow you to pause and connect with your heart in subservience to the head, to check in with what is working in your life and that which you would like to let go of.

Come as you are! Bring any sacred objections you would like to charge on the circle, journal and pen and wear comfortable clothes.

Whether you have been to a few, many or no circles before and are unsure what the gathering is all about, this is a nourishing space that will leave you feeling supported and heard and is open to all female identifying.

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