The Olive Oasis

Stay at the Olive Oasis!

This beautiful chalet nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains combine peaceful and tranquil surroundings, spacious and modern interiors with outdoor adventures. Olive Oasis is a perfect getaway for artists, contemplative art practitioners, nature lovers and small group retreats. Sleeps up to 8 people comfortably: 3 bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 baths, fully-equipped kitchen, large living room, downstairs yoga room with yoga mat provided, a loft perfect for meditation and a beautiful outdoor that include hot tub, outdoor grill, a stone circle and fire pit.

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Stay for Rest and Renewal

Book Olive Oasis for you and family or a group of friends, hike, or go fishing or swimming in multiple places or choose to stay and do yoga and meditation in a calming space indoor and outdoor in nature.

Book a group retreat

Olive Oasis host groups of up to 15 people for off site meetings, bring your group and use our yoga meditation room, walk among the seven energy circles in the Earth Temple, just sit and listen to nature’s whisper. Join any of our offerings in music, art movement, and healing with nature experiences or bring your own workshop and let the natural beauty of the space inspire you.

Attend a special event

Attend special events that we offer at Olive Oasis and take part in unique learning experiences without having to stay overnight.

The story of Olive Oasis and how I found it.

For more than 15 years ago I had a dream and in the dream i was in unfamiliar house that was mine. I was with my younger daughter and my mother. I looked out the window into a land that was rolling hill, green and beautiful and it seemed that it is mine. The rest of the dream was magical and prophetic and was pointing to my future work with women, Mother Earth, Shamanic Medicine, and Divine Mother.
The three generation of women in the house were the triple Goddess Virgin, (my daughter), Mother (me), Crone my mother) the Triple Goddess was guiding me.

In 2010 as I was traveling to Peru and Bolivia with a group of students learning sacred ceremonies and rituals I met a medicine woman name Maria and my connection with her was strong. She red our coca leaves and offered us a fire ceremony that was very powerful.  I prayed to manifest a land so I could create a women’s sanctuary in the woods.

I looked for awhile in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New and stopped, nothing came up.

A few months after my return from Peru I was visiting my friend Mirav a realtor in Woodstock in Catskill Mountain NY. On the phone she was trying to convince someone to keep his agreement with the bank and take the house he wanted to buy. I asked her why is she forcing him to buy when he obviously does not want it. Then I said “this property is mine, I am buying it”. She looked at me with utter surprise “ what are you talking about, it is crazy, you did not see the house or the land, and you will have to pay upfront, the bank is waiting on Monday to get the money, for this man, it was foreclosure house.

I was insisted it is mine and I have the money,  she knew I did not have the money and was confused about my insistence. I sign an agreement and we went to see it. The house was falling apart and I did not care, the land was the land of my dream, rolling hill and magnificent. I came home to my land and my home in nature and I called it Olive Oasis.

The rest took care of itself magically , the money manifested, the contractor came and the renovation and the land turned out to be more magical than I could imagine. Exactly a year later from Maria’s ceremony I invited friends and students and we had our first Solstice ceremony on the Land in Olive Oasis.

few years later I started to teach and make ceremonies here with a group of priestesses. As we meditated, dances, created rituals for healing for our individual life and the life around us the “Earth Temple” was born. Out of our connections and deep listening to the Earth seven circles and portals were opened each emanates different energy according to the chakra.

A small movement studio is being build in summer 2019 “Sanctuary of the Heart”  were I like to continue hosting women and men who come to honor the Divine Feminine, Pachamama Mother Earth who are seeking to be in right relationship with nature and nature forces and all life around.

My vision of the future is for anyone who is called to join the community come to create together soul brotherhood and sisterhood.

I like to create Land Art made from the abundant natural material and to continue making offering to our Earth Mother as we meditate, pray, dance and create together. We are brothers and sisters to each other and to all of nature, the land, the wind, the rain, the stream, the animals are our relations. We are calling the Divine to guide us to come back home to Her.



The Earth Temple

Part of our retreat space is dedicated to Pachamama Earth Mother.

We created seven sacred circles each circle emanates different energetic qualities that resonates within your body energy system of the chakras

As you enter the Earth Temple you feel an immediate energy change and you are invited to walk an a path into an inward journey of connections and reverence for Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine. Taking roots in Mother Earth and her unconditional love brings you back home to yourself as a natural being, part of the interconnected web of life. In this inward and outer journey one realizes that the inner and outer landscape is reflected like a mirror in each other and that separation from Mother Earth and Nature causes us great suffering.

Within the Earth Temple environment one may choose to be alone or with a group, to be guided by a teacher or be still, lie under a tree, walk the stone paths, touch a tuft of moss, sit in silence and contemplation while feeling life force energy permeate all around, leaving you in deep relaxation and natural state of calm and well being.

You are invited to join a creative vibrant community of like minded people who will create together land art in the temple and its souroundings.

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Location and Map


161 Black Road Shokan, NY 12481