The degree that mind is conscious the mundane and the sacred are not separate.
— Chol/kodesh

Meditation and Yoga Retreats

Weekend Meditation retreats

Starts on Friday evening at 5:00PM and closes on Sunday at 3:00 PM
No prior meditation experience is required.

These retreats are opportunities to relax into silence and practice presence. There will be gentle guidance to develop skillful means for present moment awareness. Mindfulness to body sensations, breath, thoughts, feelings, touch to allow the mind to become reflective and the heart to open.
The teachings and sharing deepening the experience and a community is created to support the awakening process.
Silent is kept throughout the weekend and is broken for lunch on Sunday.

4 days meditation retreats

Start on Thursday night at 6:00PM and closes on Monday 12:00 noon
No prior meditation experience is required

These retreats are in depth teachings and practices that emphasize the awareness of the mental material forces in co creating our experience. With compassionate attitude as a basis for our awareness we experience the present moment as an uninterrupted chain of change, all to be grist to the mill of insight and love.
The retreat includes somatic practices through touch, sitting, walking movement, eating and sharing.
Morning yoga will be offered with Awareness Through Movement during the day to help with the posture of sitting and release body pain.

Yoga and meditation retreats

Start on Friday night at 5:00PM and closes on Monday 3:00 PM
No prior meditation experience is required

No prior of yoga or meditation experience is required.
The yoga and meditation retreats will include two yoga sessions a day for balancing the body and mind through movement and sitting intermittently. There will be one Awareness Through Movement lesson each day.

A weeklong retreat in movement, yoga and meditation will be offered once a year

No prior meditation experience is required.

The weeklong retreat will include somatic practices of touch, sitting, walking, moving, eating, sharing and attention to moment by moment awareness that will create a shared experience of wholeness and oneness.

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Daily Life as an Art Process

The degree that mind is conscious the mundane and the sacred are not separate. (Chol/kodesh)

Every act in our daily lives needs to be approached with reverence and sacredness. Every daily act is meaningful; it can be done from a place of ritual. Ritual is that act that is made with awareness, when one is fully conscious and fully mindful. Each act holds the potential for awakening; each act is a seed for divine connection, divine consciousness.


Drop into Being coming back to your body senses

Add dimension into your life, learn to savor each sense, as it was the first time you are experiencing it. Examine moment by moment the fundamental meditative question “who am I” and with a beginner’s mind come back to your senses, the only way to know the world is to know yourself.

An experiential course in somatic understanding

A coursework of theory and practice, this is integrated somatic program for mental health professionals’ psychotherapists and counselors. Call to schedule consultation.


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