Soft Returning

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

We are at the time of season transition from summer to fall, at the time of the descent into darkness after the Fall Equinox. How this transition expresses itself in YOU and in your life? I am offering you my reflections of this powerful time of inward returning.

It is a time we remember Motherhood, Divine Mother and Mother Earth. I will follow this reflection using the Jewish High Holidays stories. Those stories are metaphors to life’s cycles expressed in our personal life and the Life of Nature around us.

At the beginning of day One (Rosh Hashanah) we read about three Mothers, Sara, Hagar and Hanna (Mothers that in their dark wombs life starts) through their stories (from the Sacred Text) we meet desperation and renewed hope, Motherless and Motherhood.

The first story is the story of Sara, Abraham’s wife is a childless wife and at the old age of 90 “God” remembered his promise to her and she conceived her son Isaac (a “father of nation”).

The second story is about the “other wife” of Abraham “Hagar” that was sent to the desert with her child Ishmael (another “father of nation”) and was about to die, with Water was found with an intervention of “God”; Mother and Child were saved and thrived.

The third story of Hanna, a bitter childless wife grieving and praying for a child and promised that if she will conceive and have a son she will dedicate that child to the service of “God”. She conceived the prophet Samuel that was a priest in the service of “God” and the Nation of Israel all his life.

Those three mothers stories are telling us something of the mysteries of new life, of new beginning in a form of either conception against all odds in old age and barren wombs or “found water” in a dry desert land. It tells us about life’s miracles at the out most beginning when all hope is lost at life’s end and of a new dawn rising, a new life is coming forth. Motherhood won again life sprouts and goes forward.

At this time of a year at the end of summer when the process of descending into darkness starts and Nature starts to withdraw her energy inward and showing signs of withering and death. At these time we have to remember the promise of a new life, we have to recall the Cycle.

Down deep in Mother Earth the Secret of new life is “remembered”, in the dark warm womb the “water of Life” holding the mystery of cycles of life. Like Sara, “The Mother”, the miracle of new life was remembered at the end of time when it was almost lost. As with Hagar when she moved away not to witness her child’s death, the promised of life, the “water” of life appeared almost at the point of no return.

Mother Earth and her cycles are reflected and live deeply in our own organism’s cycles, there is no separation of Her Cycle and ours. We are living breathing Her Cycles. If we are conscious of the outside rhythm of Nature we are able to live the waves of coming and going with grace other then with struggle.

  • Reflect on the theme “ending” in your own life; ending of life, ending of an era, ending of a dream, ending of a stage, ending of a relationship, or anything else that feels getting to a close.

  • Feel the feeling of that ending; is it a relief, is it grief or desperation or something else that cannot be define or clear yet?

  • How does it feel in the body, does it have a sensation, color, shape, place in the body?

  • Is there a grain of hope or a glimmer of something new, or not? Is there an acceptance to rest in the darkness and wait, or not?

  • Is there any dread of the dark and the unknown?

  • Can you find your intention hidden in the dark womb of your unconscious as Divine Promise, Divine purpose, Divine Destiny?

  • Hope you can offer yourself time of calm and quiet to reflect on your intention for this year

Wishing you all a soft returning.


Dina KushnirComment