Reiki and Non-Violence

Healer heals thyself!!

” Imagine all the people living life in peace…” John Lennon sang and called himself a dreamer but not the only one. Imagine the world without violence. Can we dare to dream, actively visualize and see the world in peace? A world where children of all ages are loving, creative, powerful, expressing themselves without fear, being accepting of others as they accept themselves.

Peace and non-violence is stopping the war inside our own minds and bodies. How many times a day do we beat ourselves up? How many times a day do we judge, criticize, condemn others and ourselves? Close your eyes before you continue reading and remember what act of violence you committed toward yourself the last day or two. Was anger a knife pointing to your heart? Was the killer judge pointing the finger at you wherever you felt you should do this or that or should not?

What if peace means we stop all acts of violence against ourselves? What

if war is what we have in our own minds? What if we have the power to stop that war and take the responsibility for doing just that to ourselves?

One way that I found most powerful and profound in changing self- violence into awareness and healing is self-treatment with Reiki. When using

Reiki for self-healing it creates a time for self-love a time of peace, stopping all judgments, all negative self talk. The power of the Reiki energy sharpens my

awareness. I sit quietly putting my hands on myself, the Reiki energy streaming into my body through my hands. I enjoy peaceful moments of clear thinking, moments of deep insights and visions and deep letting go.

As Reiki healers we think of others, we share the Reiki healing energy for the greater good of others and that’s wonderful, that’s what brings love and healing to our world. When it is shared with others it create harmony among the participants. But when you take time to treat yourself with your own two hands is a massage of unconditional love to that person that is you, it is an act of stopping the inner war, an act of a practice of non-violence.


The only requirement is an open heart and a willingness to transform your inner violence into peacefulness, inner separation into unity, and anger into love within your own life. It will eventually radiate to your family, friends and your environment, reducing the violence around.

It is no coincidence that Reki has been rediscovered and brought back in our day and age. We all need to reconnect with our birthright: a life free of war,

violence and fear. Life of loving touch, awareness, and peace.
Dina Kushnir, Reiki Master, Rosen practitioner and Feldenkrais teacher

offers the Path of the Priestess program in NY area.

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