Reflections: Time for silence

What does being spiritual mean in our time of chaotic busy-ness? It is first and foremost to be in silence. It is to clear the mind’s screen from the noise, to delete the static disturbances and to be in the emptiness of the white screen. To wait in the silent space is to give rise in our consciousness to the subtle and delicate spiritual energies of our being, the refined inner voice that speaks in silence.

There are many paths that lead to silence and it is up to us to find and choose. The open space of silence is one and we are invited to enter.

The open space of silence is the spaciousness of our wholeness.

As a womb holds and forms the new life, the open space of silence holds, informs and forms all of what comprises our beings; thoughts, emotions, feelings, perceptions, states of mind, memories, energies of the body, information we gathered along the way, insights and knowledge. It is in the open space of silence that our being can be found, transform and flourish.
When we realize the wholeness of the container the feeling of fragmentation and separation dissolves, the inner and outer struggles release, and we can expand and breathe into the space of all inclusiveness.

The mystery is holding us in her open space of silence.

When we recognize our limitation to grasp and understand the mystery through the intellectual faculty, we no longer look to our thoughts and emotions to be the guiding force. We let it all go. When no-thing is there, silence is there and we feel the presence of this silence as it envelops our being. We know it not through understanding and inquiring; we know it not through memories and stories; we know it, simply know.

This deep knowing is the driving force that sends us looking and seeking in the first place. It is the light in the darkness that shines and leads the way inward to our journey into the open space of silence. It asks us to look deeply through the ocean of fears and confusions, layers of conditions and memories. As in the story of Moses, the inner voice asks us to trust the splitting of the sea and to walk into the desert, into the unknown space of silence. The journey into the “desert” is the path of growth the ones who hear the voice of silence and answer it. It is the’ presence’ that calls us and welcomes us home to enter the center of our being.

Exercise; Look around your environment for few moments and see the space in and around the forms. Now listen to the silence between the sounds. Enjoy the space and the silence you’ve created. Pay attention to silence and move through your day with this awareness.

Dina KushnirComment