Dina Kushnir

Dina Kushnir is a Shaman, healer educator and visionary artist. She combines her artistic expression with her intense interest in wisdom teachings and spirituality. Dina's training as a dancer opened the door for her study of various body-mind healing modalities. She has an interdisciplinary masters degree in dance, physical education, and music from Oregon State University (1984) and is a licensed massage therapist, trained in the Brian Uttik School of Massage, Seattle, WA. The interest in the body-mind connection led Dina to embark on a rigorous training in Rosen Method Bodywork, receiving her certification as a practitioner in the fall of 1992. Her work is enhanced by her comprehensive Reiki training, in which she has achieved the level of Master in 1991.

Dina's life long studies in the healing arts also include certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy and as a yoga instructor, the Feldenkraise Method and intensive training in Shamanic Energy Medicine. Throughout her years of formal studies, Dina pursued the spiritual path of Insight Meditation with the world-renowned teacher Ruth Denison.

Dina created Zohar BodyMind Healing, Olive Oasis sanctuary and the Earth Temple, Rainbow Connection; Spiritual initiation of the Earth, Sacred Journey Travels, The Bridge; weaving the arts with spirituality creating collaborative work for the benefit of the flowering of spiritual consciousness and Path of the Priestess wisdom circles for women.

Dina views her work as an on going process of exploration, discovery and expression, creating sacred spaces for the unveiling of the heart.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.


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